About Us

"We want to tell you a little bit more about our company  over the next few minutes...

You’re going to see that life is pretty good for us right now.


After 4 years of operations we've developed an efficient process, effective product, strong relationships with clients and a healthy reputation in the industry.

...But it wasn’t always so easy and it wasn’t always like this...

Several years ago when we started  we told it couldn’t be done because the main video production companies out there were charging so much.

It was deemed impossible to create a high quality video for under $5000.

A close friend at a marketing agency told us that even if we created the product successfully, they wouldn’t buy it because it was too cheap, it would be seen as low quality based on that alone.

But this product could be created, and against all that negative feedback We consistently worked on creating a system that allowed us to produce high quality videos at an affordable price.

Frankly, our first attempts were pretty misguided, but from each new iteration and attempt we learned something new.

Finally, last year we hit a breakthrough in designing a production process that allows us to keep costs low and quality high, so we can offer affordable prices at a sustainable margin.

It was one of the first times we realized that being stubborn could pay off, risking our time and money could pay off, having trust in the basic principle that everyone wants the best deal possible. 

And that’s why we're here with this product today.

For any business with an online presence, dissatisfied with current results. Our product is quality marketing video production at an affordable price."

"That’s why we entered this market in the first place, we saw all these massive agencies charging exorbitant prices or these cheap studios offering worthless content... barely any companies in the middle... we knew it was possible to offer quality videos at an affordable price, without making massive margins.

One example of this is our ability to maintain quality at lower costs just by eliminating the rent involved with office space through the virtualization of our work space."